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  • Dear Quality Matters Coordinator, I just wanted to make sure that everyone in NJ saw the latest announcement from QM that MyQM will be undergoing maintenance on Friday, August 13. MyQM and the Course Review Management System (CRMS) will be unavailable ...

  • Dear Colleague: You are receiving this message because you have been or were previously identified as a QM Coordinator for your institution. As we move into our new Quality Matters contract year, please take a moment to remove the institution affiliation ...

  • Hoping everyone got their Spring semester off to a good start, and a great big welcome to our newest affiliate, Camden County College! It's a bit more than half-way through our contract year and I invite all affiliates to use this forum to communicate ...

  • Dear friends, There are currently 1,326 accounts affiliated with our New Jersey statewide license, each tied to a particular NJ educational institution. As a Quality Matters Coordinator (QMC) you are not responsible for all of these accounts, ...

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